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Vape Batteries

Whether you're looking to upgrade to get more battery bays or simply looking to replace that dusty old charger we've got you covered! We've got vape battery chargers of all sizes and shapes from two of the most popular brands, EFEST and NITECORE,

Brand: Efest Model: HWBAT20AN
These long lasting 3500mah batteries are perfect for devices that require a low ampere rating such as MTL and low wattage vape devices, torches and MJ vape machines. Do not use this battery with high wattage sub-ohm devices.Battery Safety Warning:Only purchase these batteries if you know how to sa..
Ex Tax:$13.04
Brand: Efest Model: HWBAT25EF
Efest's 25EF's are just like your standard vape battery. With slightly less capacity than the 30EF at 2500mAh, the 25EF makes up for it with a slightly higher continuous discharge rating of 20A. These batteries are suitable for almost all vape machines out there. If you're using these inside a mecha..
Ex Tax:$9.48
Brand: Efest Model: HWBAT30EF
Efest's 30EF's are some of the most popular batteries for around vaping due it's long lasting, high capacity 3000mAh battery. The 30EF is suitable for most vapers out there using regulated mods. If you're using a mechanical mod or a high draw build these batteries are not suitable due to the 15A con..
Ex Tax:$10.35
Brand: Efest Model: HWBAT35A
Combining high capacity and a high discharge rating these are Efest's top of the line 18650 batteries that are made specifically for vaping! Battery Safety Warning:Only purchase these batteries if you know how to safely handle, charge, use and store your batteries. When batteries are not in use ..
Ex Tax:$13.04
Brand: Efest Model: HWBAT20700
Efest's top selling 20700 with 3100mAh capacity and a 30A discharge rating, perfect for those single battery vapes or powerful work horses. Battery Safety Warning:Only purchase these batteries if you know how to safely handle, charge, use and store your batteries. When batteries are not in use w..
Ex Tax:$14.70
Brand: Efest Model: HWEFEV2
Experience efficient and rapid charging for your high powered Li-Ion batteries with the Efest LUC V2. This smart charger boasts a quick charging capability and features an LCD readout for convenient monitoring. The LCD screen provides detailed charging information for each individual channel, offeri..
Ex Tax:$34.78
Brand: Efest Model: HWEFEV4
Introducing the Efest LUC V4, the ultimate solution for your high-capacity charging needs. With its innovative 4-bay design and rapid, reliable charging capabilities, this charger is ready to meet your demands. Equipped with a unique LCD screen, it provides precise voltage information and independen..
Ex Tax:$52.09
Brand: Efest Model: HWEFEV8
The LUC series are Efest's top of the line, flagship battery chargers. Capable of charging both regular (A, AA, AAA's, C''s) and vape batteries, along with being a powerbank, the LUC V8 is one of the most versatile battery chargers around. The latest version of the LUC V8 features 8 charging bays ..
Ex Tax:$91.22
Brand: Efest Model: HWEFEQ8
The LUSH series are Efest's button-less, fuss-less and easy to use intelligent battery chargers. Simply pop your batteries in and let the LUSH do all the work with it's auto-select fast charge function. The Q8 features 8 charging bays, 4 of which can fast charge at 1.0A, and 2 can fast charge ri..
Ex Tax:$59.04
Brand: Efest Model: HWEFEC1
Experience convenient and affordable charging with the Efest PRO C1 Charger. This user-friendly charger, designed by Efest, offers a simple yet efficient solution for your battery charging needs. With its single slot design and Micro USB input, the PRO C1 Charger delivers a charging current of 1A.Th..
Ex Tax:$12.96
Brand: Efest Model: HWEFEC1
Introducing the Efest PRO C4 Four Bay Lithium Ion Smart Charger, the ultimate choice for charging your high powered Li-ion batteries. This smart charger combines fast 1.0A charging capability, advanced safety features, and a spacious four-battery capacity to quickly energize your collection of cells..
Ex Tax:$34.78
Brand: Efest Model: HWEFEK1
Efest's SLIM series of battery chargers are incredibly lightweight, affordable and portable but don't let the small size fool you, these chargers are just as powerful as the big boys. The latest version of the K1 uses USB C for power and features a single charging bay that can fast charge at 1..
Ex Tax:$11.22
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