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Puk - Smooth Flavour & Easy To Use

Puk offers a simple approach to vaping with its easy to use design and intuitive inhale activation feature. Anyone can easily use this device Just connect the Pod to the Battery, turn it on, and start enjoying.

We have Vorteke Pods, Drink Pods and Simply Pods offering you a range of delicious flavours to try. The Puk device is rechargeable and the prefilled pods contains 10mls of e-liquid, which will give you around 4000 puffs a pod. Available in 20mg/ml or 40mg/ml nicotine strength.

Grab Puk Battery for your Vorteke Puk Pods.Revolutionize your vaping experience with a sustainable approach that places environmental consciousness at its core. Bid farewell to the wastefulness of single-use batteries and embrace a greener way to vape.Key Features:Sustainable Vaping: Crafted for the..
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Introducing Puk Pods - the companion pods for the reusable Puk battery (sold separately) Experience effortless, cost-effective no-fuss hybrid disposables like never before. It's now not just safer, but also sharper and more sustainable! The Vorteke Puk implements a 5-step childlock sequential operat..
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