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Age Verification

For age verification we will only contact you from the email address and only request information sent to this address.

By law we need to verify that you are of legal vaping age before we are able to pick, pack and ship your order out. For New Zealand & Australia this is 18 years old and above. This is a one-time process that will be linked to your account and is done in-house by us to preserve and protect your privacy. Once we have verified your age we will delete our copy of your government issued photo ID and any additional evidence provided to us within 24 hours of verification. If there is an issue with verifying your age we may contact you via email or phone and ask for additional information and/or a selfie with you holding your government issued photo ID to complete the age verification process.

If you've already placed an order let us know what your order number is. This can be found on your order confirmation email or account page. If you haven't placed an order yet you can ignore this section
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We accept any current passport, government or state issued drivers license, kiwi access cards and hospitality NZ 18+ cards. When providing us with your valid photo ID you may block out any personal information however we will need to see your full name, your facial image and date of birth.
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