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Bakery E-Liquids: A Delightful Dessert Experience

Bakery (also known as dessert) vape juices are a favourite among vapers who enjoy the sweet and comforting taste of freshly-baked goods. These e-juices are crafted to replicate the flavours of classic desserts and pastries, providing a delicious vaping experience that feels highly satisfying.

Enjoy the warm aroma of a cinnamon donuts with Round Clouds Glazed or the rich, creamy taste of custard with Aunt Sals. These are just a couple of examples of the dessert-inspired vape juices that are available to all vapers in New Zealand.

Our bakery-inspired e-liquids start at just $20 for 100ml and is available in various sizes and nicotine strengths.

Aunt Sal's
Hot 80% VG
Brand: Vape Canyon Model: EJASAL
Introducing our all new version of Aunt Sals Custard - a decadent blend that combines delicious vanilla custard with background graham cracker notes for a truly unforgettable vaping experience. Plunge into the luxurious silkiness of decadent vanilla custard, accented by the comforting sweet crunch o..
Ex Tax:$26.08
Round Clouds Blue
80% VG
Brand: Vape Canyon Model: EJDCB
Introducing Round Clouds Blue, where the comforting indulgence of freshly baked donuts meets the subtle sweetness of ripe blueberries - Delight in the rich, doughy goodness of a warm donut, perfectly complemented by the gentle essence of blueberry. With each inhale, savor the nostalgic taste of..
Ex Tax:$26.08
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