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Frequently Asked Questions

What or who is Vape Canyon?

We're a specialized vape store, e-juice manufacturer, raw material supplier and accredited living wage employer located in the heart of New Zealand, Wellington.

Established in 2016 when sub-ohming became popular we had one simple goal in mind, to make vaping more affordable and accessible to the masses. At the time 30mls used to cost $30 and vaping was similarly priced to consuming analogs. After months of investment and building up Vape Canyon we launched with New Zealand's very first 120mls for $20NZD that pushed the market price down and allowed ordinary Kiwis (and some Australians) to keep more of their hard earned money inside their pocket!

Today we're still the local leader in affordable premium e-juices with prices as low as $18 for 120mls, even lower if you're a Club Canyon member and we also specialize in supplying raw materials and flavorants through

Are you guys a real company?

Vape Canyon Ltd. is as real as it gets, we're a registered company with our own clean room, office and warehouse staff. NZBN 9429045923470 & GST 6182585

How big is Vape Canyon?

We're massive, we're the biggest e-liquid manufacturer down Broken Hill road ha! all jokes aside we're small, but that's on purpose! To keep our prices stable in the face of increasing import costs we try to keep our overheads as low as possible. To achieve this we've implemented automation and technological solutions on all levels throughout the company which has allowed us to maintain a small yet dynamic work force. The savings made here are passed directly on to you and is reflected in our pricing.

What environment is the e-juice made in?

All of our e-juices are manufactured to exacting standard inside our class 10,000 rated cleanroom. Our cleanroom operators are highly trained in creating premium quality e-juice and follow strict manufacturing guidelines and standard operating produces to ensure consistent, high quality product every time.

What payment options are available?

New Zealand: We accept payment via direct credit (Bank transfer), bank deposit and cryptocurrency. If you live in Wellington our specialised vape store located at Suite 1, 10 Broken Hill Road, Kenepuru also accepts credit card, debit card and eftpos.

Australia: Cryptocurrency, International Direct Credit (Usually incurs a $20 fee) or Local NZ Bank Transfer (If you have a NZ Bank Account)

International Orders: Cryptocurrency

What cryptocurrencies do you accept?

We accept Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE) & Ethereum (ETH).

I made a mistake in my order can I change it?

You sure can, if there's time and your order hasn't been picked up by the couriers yet, we can make alterations to your order. If issue is related to your shipping address please let us know as soon as possible.

I haven't recieved a payment confirmation email yet, help!

Once your payment has been matched up to an order you'll receive a payment confirmation email. Payments are matched with orders on the hour from Monday to Friday, 10am until 2pm, basically anytime before the couriers arrive. If your payment is received on our end outside of these hours or during a public holiday your payment will be processed on the following work day.

If more than 24 hours or one working day has passed and you haven't received a payment confirmation email yet please contact us immediately via email.

Can I combine my orders together?

You sure can, if your order hasn't been picked up the couriers we can merge your old order and new order together to save on postage. If you'd like to do this send us a message on facebook or send us a email with you order ID's

What will show up on my bank statement?

Our account name will be shown as VAPE CANYON LTD

I live in Wellington. Can I come pick up my order?

Sure can! When you've got everything you want head over to the checkout and select click and collect. Once we've received your payment (Typically takes an hour or so to clear) and your orders been fulfilled we'll send you an email or text to let you know that your order is ready to be picked up.

You can find our specialized vape store  at 253 Cuba Street, Te Aro, Wellington or you can pick up from our warehouse store at  Suite 3 / 55 Kenepuru Drive, Kenepuru 5022.  Cuba Street is open Monday-Friday 8:30am to 7:30pm and on Saturday 10am to 7:30pm.  Kenepuru is open Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm.

Do I need a prescription for my Australian order?

If your order contains a product that has nicotine inside such as our disposables or nicotine e-juice then we'll need a copy of your prescription (send to Once received your prescription will be assigned to your DHL satchel for customs.

We're able to send vape hardware (coils, mods, tanks etc.) and 0mg (Zero Nicotine) e-juice to Australia without a prescription.

Do you ship to Australia?

We sure do but we're only able to accept payment via bank transfer or cryptocurrency.

If you have a bank account in New Zealand we can accept bank transfer which will incur no international charges, or

We can also accept international direct credit from Australia, this method usually incurs a $20 charge and it's best to speak with your bank beforehand. If you'd like to do either of these options please email us and we'll guide you through the process.

How long will my order take to arrive?

If you live within a metro / residential area within New Zealand we estimate that your order will take anywhere from 1 to 3 working days to arrive after it's been dispatched from our warehouse. If you live in a rural / township add another 2 days for good measure.

International orders vary widely depending on the shipping option selected, this can be anywhere from 3 days up to 15 days.

How do I get free shipping?
NZ Orders: Get free shipping when you spend over $100NZD
Australian Orders: Get free shipping when you spend over $120NZD
How discrete is the shipping?

New Zealand wide our satchels are carrier issued and the only vape related image or word is our companies return address (Vape Canyon Ltd)

Australian orders will contain company name and contents on package for customs purposes.

Can you alter the customs value or description?

We're unable to alter the value, name, description or make any misleading remarks to the contents of the order, all customs manifest data provided by us is true and accurate.

What's the lifespan of your e-juices?

Our e-juices are good to go for a year and a half or so from the date of its birth, sometimes even longer and sometimes less. The lifespan of your bottles will depend on the flavour profile and how they are stored and cared for.

Woah did I just vape a carolina reaper!? that was super harsh

Shake it baby! And shake it some more until the e-juice has an even consistency and you see bubbles spread uniformly throughout the bottle! Once you've given it a good shake squirt out a small amount (0.01ml) and pour back into your tank. You only need to shake the bottle like this prior to the first time you use your bottle.

If your tank is flooded with unshaken e-juice, turn the temperature down to half of what you normally would vape at, pulse the power and blow hard through the mouth piece so that vape clouds start to exit through your air intake holes, rinse and repeat 1 - 3 times but be careful not to burn your coil / cotton, pour shaken e-juice into your tank and give it 5 minutes to soak in.

My e-juice is changing colour is it gone off?

In most circumstances this is completely normal. Over time the components that come together to make your e-juice begin to oxidize and degrade, this is what they commonly call "Steeping"

But not all steeping is equal, avoid exposing your bottle to direct sunlight or high temperature (like inside a car on a hot day) for extended periods of time as this can break down the nicotine and flavor components inside your e-juice. Sometimes this can turn out to be a masterpiece but 90% of the time you'll be left with a harsh mess.

Where is the e-juice made and why is it so cheap?

We want you to keep more of your hard earned money inside your pocket so you can spend it on the better things in life, we manufacture our own products and try to keep our overheads down to so we can pass the best possible price on to you. Our e-juice and stock solutions are made to the highest standards inside our class 10,000 cleanroom in Kenepuru, New Zealand.

What ingredients are used in your e-juice?

Forget the fancy formulas, our e-juice is simple and it only contains 4 main ingredients.

Vegetable Glycerin
Otherwise known as vg, glycerin, glycerine or glycerol is a viscous liquid that is non-toxic and has a subtle sweet taste about it. In vaping Glycerin produces clouds and has subtly sweet and smooth characteristics to it, usually the higher the Glyercin content of the e-juice the more these characteristics become apparent but this comes at the cost of flavour as Glycerin doesn't act as a flavour carrier as well as Propylene Glycol does.

Propylene Glycol
Widely used in e-juice thanks to its superior flavour carrying properties, the more Propylene Glycol that's used the more pronounced the flavour is, on top of this the higher the Propylene Glycol count is inside e-juice the more devices it becomes compatible with. This is due to the wicking rate of some lower wattage coils and devices. By now you're probably wondering why don't we vape 100% Propylene Glycol formulations. The downside, or benefit for some is the throat hit. The higher the Propylene Glycol content is inside the e-juice, the more noticeable the throat hit is, for some anything about 35% total content is unpleasant and many prefer formulations with only 10 - 20% total content.  

This is the part that of the e-juice that we can taste when we vape, every e-juice we sell contains a single flavour matrix that contains a highly complex mix of flavour notes. We only source and use ultra high quality flavour concentrates from the worlds leading flavour houses.

This is reason that most of us vape, We use Freebase Nicotine for all of our products y default unless nicotine salt has been selected.

What's the best way to store my e-juices?

We recommend that you store your ejuice locked up and out of reach of children and pets as e-juice can be toxic to both humans and animals if the e-juice has been orally consumed. Somewhere cool and dark usually does the trick.

If you have multiple bottles we recommend storing your non used bottles inside a lock box inside the fridge or freezer, if it's safe to do so and it's not accessible by children

Do you accept returns?

Yes! we sure do, we accept returns on all unopened and/or unused products within 14 days of the purchase date. If you would like to return an unopened and/or unused product please contact us by email.

We also cover all rebuildable tanks purchased from here with an additional 6 Months Warranty on any future manufacturing defects that may arrise through normal daily use. This doesn't include mis-use and abuse.

And we cover all vape devices otherwise known as mods purchased from here with an additional 6 Months Warranty on any future manufacturing defects that may arrise through normal daily use. This doesn't include mis-use and abuse.

E-juice, Coils & Cotton is only covered by the 72 Hour Dead On Arrival Warranty

I don't like this peice of hardware / e-juice can I send it back?

We're unable to accept returns on any products that have been opened or used unless the product is faulty or not fit for purpose.

The machine I brought off you started vaping on its own and I think it's faulty, can I send it back?

Yes get in touch with us! As long as the reason it's vaping on its own is caused by a manufacturing defect and isn't caused by the item falling down 2 flights of stairs or by having of e-juice flooding the internal components we can usually help you out.

We want you to recieve something that actually works and all hardware sold here is covered by a 72 Hour Dead On Arrival Warranty. Basically if it's dead out the box or it's not fit for purpose thanks to some random manufacturing defect let us know as soon as possible by either email or facebook messenger so we can get it all sorted for you, this warranty is only valid for 72 hours of after recieveing the package.

You need bang for buck and the last thing you want to do is have to cough up more cash to purchase new peice of hardware on a regular basis.

We cover all rebuildable tanks purchased from here with an additional 6 Months Warranty on any future manufacturing defects that may arrise through normal daily use. This doesn't include mis-use and abuse.

We cover all vape devices otherwise known as mods purchased from here with an additional 6 Months Warranty on any future manufacturing defects that may arrise through normal daily use. This doesn't include mis-use and abuse.

E-juice, Coils & Cotton is only covered by the 72 Hour Dead On Arrival Warranty