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About Us

Vape Canyon is an e-juice manufacturer and retailer of vape products. Our mission is simple, to keep more of your hard earned money inside your pocket by bringing cost effective products to the market.

We've cut out the middle man and trans-border costs by setting up our manufacturing base right here in Wellington, New Zealand. The money we save we pass directly on to you through our highly competitive pricing structure.

Our e-juices, stock solutions and one-shots are manufactured by our highly trained staff inside our class 10,000 clean-room. We only source and use the highest quality raw materials during the manufacturing process such as USP Grade Propylene Glycol and Glycerin. On top of this all aromatics and flavourants used inside our e-juices are sourced from highly reputable international flavour labs, no cheap ingredients and no corners cut, only premium grade e-juice at a not so premium price point.