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Living Wage accredited employer

Guess what? We're thrilled to shout out that we're all about fair play and fair pay here at Vape Canyon! Yep, we're super proud to be officially recognized as a Living Wage Employer.

Our team? They're our rockstars, our backbone, the whole shebang! Making sure they're taken care of is our top priority because, let's face it, without them, our awesome products wouldn't exist.

So, we've made a commitment to ensure everyone at Vape Canyon is on cloud nine with a minimum pay of $27.80 per hour, making sure they're in sync with the actual cost of living. And hey, we've been championing fair wages from day one! Above minimum wage? You betcha! It's just how we roll.

This isn't just about numbers; it's about creating smiles and easing some of those financial stresses in today's wild economy. Together, we're making work a happier place!

Here's to our incredible team and to keeping those good vibes flowing!

Stay Awesome!
Vape Canyon