Candy Baron Green Suckers

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$10 for 60mls XMAS SPECIALThere's nothing more satisfying than a tasty green hard boiled sweet. Grab yours in vape form todayFlavour Profile: Green Apple Hard CandyLiquid Ratio: MAX VG (80/20)Ste..



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$10 for 60mls XMAS SPECIAL

There's nothing more satisfying than a tasty green hard boiled sweet. Grab yours in vape form today

Flavour Profile: Green Apple Hard Candy
Liquid Ratio: MAX VG (80/20)
Steep Time: 
Ready to Vape
Size: 50ml (60mls with added nic-shot) or 100ml (120mls with added nic-shots)
Suitable for: Rebuildable Atomizers (RDA, RTA, RDTA etc.) & Premade Coils with a recommended power rating over 60w
Not Suitable for: Cigalikes, Pods, Mouth to Lung and low wattage sub ohm devices.

What is Short Fill? How is it different to my normal e-juice?

Normally your e-juice comes in a single bottle and is ready to use straight away. Short fill is a little different in that it comes in 2 parts, the e-juice and the nicotine, otherwise known as a nic-shot. The e-juice is manufactured with no nicotine and is supplied inside a bottle that leaves enough space for a nic-shot or two to be added depending on the size of your bottle. Our 50ml bottle allows you add one (1) nic-shot and our 100ml bottle allows you to add two (2), utilizing these nic-shots you can add up to 6mg of nicotine strength to your e-juice.

How do I add a nic-shot to my Short Fill bottle?
Our short fill bottles comes with a removable center tip, remove the bottle cap and unscrew the center tip in a counter clockwise direction. Once you've unscrewed the center tip, empty the contents of your nic-shot or shots into your shortfill bottle and re-screw the center tip back in. Shake for two minutes and enjoy, no steeping required. 

How many nic-shots do I add?

It all depends on the size of your bottle and what nicotine strength you'd like your e-juice to be. To make things simple we've added a dosing chart below

1.5mg1 x 10ml 9mg Nic-Shot2 x 10ml 9mg Nic-Shot
3mg1 x 10ml 18mg Nic-Shot2 x 10ml 18mg Nic-Shot or 1x 10ml 36mg Nic-Shot
6mg1 x 10ml 36mg Nic-Shot2 x 10ml 36mg Nic-shot

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