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Silky smooth banana milk.Flavour Profile: Banana, Milk, Light CreamLiquid Ratio: MAX VG (80/20)Steep Time: Ready to VapeSuitable for: Rebuildable Atomizers (RDA, RTA, RDTA etc..


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Tags: fruit, cream, e-liquid, e-juice

Silky smooth banana milk.

Flavour Profile: Banana, Milk, Light Cream
Liquid Ratio: MAX VG (80/20)
Steep Time: 
Ready to Vape
Suitable for: Rebuildable Atomizers (RDA, RTA, RDTA etc.) & Premade Coils with a recommended power rating over 60w
Not Suitable for: Cigalikes, Pods, Mouth to Lung and low wattage sub ohm devices.

What is "SALT" under the nicotine selection?
If selected Nicotine Salt will be used instead of Freebase Nicotine. Nicotine Salt is known to have less throat hit, more absorbability and a shorter duration of effect.

What is Short Fill? How is it different to my regular e-juice?

Normally your e-juice comes in a single bottle and is ready to use straight away. Short fill is a little different in that it comes in 2 parts, the e-juice and the nicotine, otherwise known as a nic-shot. The e-juice is manufactured with no nicotine and is supplied inside a bottle that leaves enough space for a nic-shot or two to be added depending on the size of your bottle. Our 50ml bottles allows you add one (1) nic-shot and our 100ml bottle allows you to add two (2), utilizing these nic-shots you can add up to 6mg of nicotine strength to your e-juice.

How do I add a nic-shot to my Short Fill bottle?
Our short fill bottles comes with a removable center tip, remove the bottle cap and unscrew the center tip in a counter clockwise direction. Once you've unscrewed the center tip, empty the contents of your nic-shot or shots into your shortfill bottle and re-screw the center tip back in. Shake for two minutes and enjoy, no steeping required. 

How many nic-shots do I add?

It all depends on the size of your bottle and what nicotine strength you'd like your e-juice to be. To make things simple we've added a dosing chart below

1.5mg1 x 10ml 9mg Nic-Shot2 x 10ml 9mg Nic-Shot
3mg1 x 10ml 18mg Nic-Shot2 x 10ml 18mg Nic-Shot or 1x 10ml 36mg Nic-Shot
6mg1 x 10ml 36mg Nic-Shot2 x 10ml 36mg Nic-shot

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